Meyers Zoysia


Meyers Zoysia is used mainly on yards and golf courses. Now, many businesses are starting to use Meyers Zoysia because of the beautiful landscaped look it provides.The benefits of Meyers is that it's very drought tolerate and handles the cold weather very well. Your Meyers will be a medium blade and a bluish-green color. Like all warm weather grass's, your Meyers Zoysia will go dormant in the winter and it will turn a brown color. But as soon as spring arrives, it will flourish again and turn a beautiful green.


  • Water your new lawn to keep it moist for a period of 2 weeks or until sod is rooted.
  • Mow as soon as your new lawn is rooted - at the recommended height(see table below).
  • Fertilize your new lawn once rooted.

Once your new lawn is rooted follow the chart below.

Mow when grass is this tall: 2"5cm
Set cutting height of mower to: 1.5"3.7cm

Mow with sharp mower blades.

Water to supplement rainfall shortages only. Avoid fixed timer irrigations settings. Zoysia best performs when it receives approximately 1 inch of water per week. If one or more inches of rainfall occur in a week,additional irrigation is not necessary. Do not water by over watering.

Season Fertilizer Weed Control
Early Spring Weed and Feed Pre-Emerge
Late Spring 20lbs 16-4-8 + Iron As needed
Early Summer 20lbs 16-4-8 + Iron As-needed
Late Summer 20lbs 16-4-8 + Iron As-needed
Fall 30lbs 5-10-15 + Iron Pre-emerge

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